Your business is unique so we don’t provide sanitised or generalised management or consulting packages but instead work closely with you to assess your business’ needs in the short and long term and work side by side with you to implement processes to achieve your goals.

By working with you to clearly define the strategic direction of your company or firm and the processes for implementing these strategies this generally frees up the time of the CEO, CFO or Practice Professional to manage the business free of this administrative burden of managing these processes.

Part of great leadership is recognising the limitation of your own expertise and skills and the need to surround yourself with people with specific expertise that can complement your strengths and provide a sounding board for your ideas and their execution.


Develop a Strategic Plan to manage your growth

• Strategic Planning - developing a strategic plan and policies to reflect the vision for the company

• Leadership development – assessing and developing processes for clearly identifying the attributes to make the leaders in your company more effective

• Marketing & Customer Analysis

• Board Governance - ensuring that the company meets all of its statutory and legal obligations and provides appropriate direction for the company

• Financial Management

• Risk Management & Evaluation


Plan and implement your financial management systems

• Working within your organisation on a part-time basis with to manage your accounting and finance function and provide strategic advice

• Working in your business on a short-term basis while you are looking to appoint a permanent CFO

• Working with you on Special Projects such as purchasing a new business, bedding down acquisitions, implementing new Accounting or IT solutions or preparing your business for sale

• Embedding ourselves in your company to assess and implement strategies to improve the performance of your organisation

• Assisting you to develop an effective Board of Directors or to develop effective Board governance and effectiveness


​Legal, Accounting, Financial Planning


• Strategy and Policy – Developing a strategic plan and policies to reflect the business direction of the firm

• Finance & Administration – implement structures for managing the administration and finances of the firm to ensure the presentation of accurate and meaningful financial and management reports to the Partners. Manages all administration matters.

• Risk Management – Developing and implementing a risk management plan which identifies and minimises all risks to the firm, and documents action plans.


Bringing together 'REWARD versus RISK"


  • Succession planning -structuring your business affairs effectively and managing your transition of wealth is often complex and challenging for most business owners. Our team of specialists work with you to understand your unique needs and situation.
  • Key Person Insurance - a key person is someone who provides ideas, drive, initiative and skills that generate the profits needed for the survival and growth of the business. The sudden loss of such a person has inevitable costs, not all of them obvious. We will work with you to ensure that a solution is in place that covers the financial consequences caused if a key person dies, suffers a traumatic illness or is totally and permanently incapacitated.
  • Shareholders agreements - deal with the exit of a business owner on a voluntary or involuntary basis. The purpose of these agreements is to ensure continuation of the business with minimum disruption in the event of one or more business owners needing to exit the business.
  • Business Wills - every business owner who has one or more partners should have a Business Will to establish how the business would survive after the death or severe illness of one of its principals. A Business Will within a Succession Plan provides for business continuation with minimum disruption in the event of a principal needing to exit on short notice. The agreement also eliminates concerns by creating ready buyers and sellers at a fair, pre-determined price.